Neelam Daswani

Established in March 2007, purebuzz is the brainchild of Japan-born Neelam Daswani. purebuzz does more than enhance the sales and business activities of its clients - it recognises the importance of building a stellar brand from the get-go, which is why purebuzz fulfils the role of a seamless extension to existing in-house resources.

Just like her own company that started as little more than a personal passion, Neelam acknowledges that even early in their life cycles, smaller companies require the same kind of high-end PR support that larger companies enjoy. She created purebuzz to fit that niche and engages directly with clients, keeping their objectives and budget at the forefront of every endeavour. The purebuzz strategy is professional, whilst the approach is personal - offering excellent ideas, constructive input, creative viewpoints and above all, flexibility, to achieve maximum publicity and measurable results.

In addition to excellent media relations, networking and event planning skills, purebuzz leverages off its constantly updated and continuously expanding Hong Kong database.

Having been based in Boston, Japan, and now Hong Kong, Neelam speaks three languages and thrives in an international environment. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Communications and minored in International Relations.